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Medical Marijuana Services

Medical Marijuana and CPG Product Development and Sales & Distribution? Contact Us to get started! .

Sales & Distribution

Sales and Distribution of your CPG’s or Medical Marijuana products using our sales team and network of distributors and retailers.

Consumer Goods

Are You looking for Medical Marijuana Consumer Goods Product Development, including beverages, vitamins, food, novelties, and more?.

Introducing the New Medical Marijuana Product Incubator

We’re Adding Medical Marijuana to our Line of Products and Services

The medical marijuana landscape is changing daily across every state in the union and we believe that the best opportunity is to develop cannabis brands and consolidate the marketplace with best-in-class pills, drinks, oils, hair and skin products.

Our goal is to be the leading Hemp and Cannabis product branding and sales company, using our 40 years of experience in product development, sales, distribution and marketing in wholesale and retail markets to launch new over the counter nutraceutical and beverage products.

After many years of working with retailers, distributors, formulators and co-packers we have a large infrastructure that allows us to develop formulate, produce, and launch products as beverages, nutraceuticals, and personal care products. Now we’re putting all that experience into developing, branding and selling medical marijuana consumer goods.

The main business models will be to partner with other companies in product development using joint ventures and to develop our own brand of medical marijuana products.

Premier’s Cannabis Products

Products under development include nutraceuticals, beverages and personal care products that will be fully owned and operated by the company.  The first product will be available in the summer of 2014. These products will be branded for medical marijuana retailers as well as crossover mass retail customers shopping at pharmacies and convenience stores.

Joint Ventures

We can’t possibly come up with every single good idea for cannabis products. This is why we’re partnering with both small and large companies to develop new ideas and new products. Small companies bring us innovative ideas and passion but lack the capital. Large companies have the capital but lack the nimble abilities of a small company as well as the product expertise.  We’ll bring these companies together and partner with them to bring new cannabis products to the market.

Contact us if you’re interested in joint venturing to produce new medical marijuana consumer goods or if you would like to distribute, broker or retail our products.  Call us today at 1 (888) 276 5688

Premier Brands (OTC: BRND) is a consumer goods incubator in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer goods, CPG, primarily beverages and nutritional supplements, and selling them into supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores. Business Divisions include Brand Creation, Wholesale Distribution, product development and Consumer Good Services such as Sales and Distribution. Our Brands We develop cool lifestyle brands and turn them into name brands! Our current brands include all the Zizzazz Energy line of products, Make ME Drinks Vitamins, Unité Iced Tea, Village Tea  and we develop and work with new products every single week.

Contact us to get started with your consumer good product, beverage development, nutritional supplement development or your sales and distribution project. Our service includes end-to-end creation as well as package development, artwork, research, marketing, sales and distribution and consumer marketing.