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10 things you probably didn’t know about the Super Hero with the best Personal Branding

Personal Branding for Super Heroes

Superman Personal Branding

Personal Branding for Super Heroes.

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1. Before he’s first appearance in 1938 its creators devised him as a bald villain trying to dominate the world. The comic was called The Reign of Superman.

2. In 1958 he obtained the most curious super power of all time: the ability to launch smaller versions of himself through his hands. It happened when a miniature spaceship granted that ability.

3. He gets his super powers of strength, speed, endurance, ice breath, heat vision and x-rays of the sunlight from a yellow sun. In Krypton’s the sun is red.

4. In Action Comics # 593 the Kryptonian is involved in an erotic story. Big Barda and Superman were captured and hypnotized to film a sex tape. Fortunately, morals made him ??resist the trance.

5. Can you imagine Warren Beatty, Robert Redford, Jon Voight or Arnold Schwarzenegger as Superman? Before Christopher Reeve obtained the iconic role these actors were considered.

6. In 1993 “Death of Superman” was released. After fighting with Doomsday, the hero did not resist and died in the arms of Lois Lane. Although he was revived a little later.

7. The outfit is based on the circus, where he took the image of strong man lifting weights in tights and panties set above.

8. His name is inspired by the actors Clark Gable and Kent Taylor, while the name of the city was taken from the film Metropolis.

9. Clark Kent has a different birthday from Superman. According to Action Comics # 241 (1958) June 10 is “Earthday”, a day that came to Earth, but according to Superman # 263 (1973), his birthday is June 18, when it was adopted by the Kents

10. Superman’s actions were misinterpreted and considered politically beneficial to United States, he renounced to his U.S. citizenship because of this.

This blog post is dedicated to our VP of Sales and Operations Eduardo Enciso, who is a huge superman fan and has been recently diagnosed with Cancer. We are raising funds to help him in this fight that we are sure, he is going to win. Love and respect to our own Superman!

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