THINSTMansd Medical Marijuana Product Inclubator | Premier Brands Inc. (OTC:BRND)

We create cool consumer goods lifestyle brands and turn them into mainstream products…

But creating cool consumer goods in hemp and medical marijuana CPG’s is half the battle…

We need to market those same consumer goods, find the best distributors and sell to retailers and consumers. Yes, we do all that too!

Unique Selling Proposition: To create and find the finest consumer packaged products and find the best distribution channels for them to place them into distributors and retailers around the country.

About Us

Premier Brands Inc.

Premier Brands is a consumer goods incubator in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods, primarily medical marijuana, beverages and nutritional supplements, and selling them into supermarkets, pharmacies, dispensaries and convenience stores or using alternative sales channels such as MLM, direct sales, online sales or exporting to other countries.  Call us to start your consumer goods project with us and speak with a senior project manager today.


Business Divisions include Brand Creation, Hemp, Medical Marijuana, CPG, Beverages, Wholesale Distribution and Consumer Good Services such as Sales and Distribution.

The company is publicly traded under the ticker BRND

Current Consumer Product Projects

Our current projects include our own line of medical marijuana products. Some past projects: Zizzazz Energy, Zizzazz vitamins, Zizzazz extreme fitness formula, Zimbi Alien Juice, Make ME Vitamin C, Apple Cider, Fresh Juice in a ready to drink presentation, and two tea projects.

Why we exist

To give consumers what they need and what they want.

After we analyze an opportunity in the market, we create products or partner with great brands to fill that hole. Giving consumers what they want!

These “market holes” are for very specific consumer goods that we recognize and then launch through our network of brokers, wholesalers and distributors placing these much needed products into convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and even using direct sales methods.

Distributors, wholesalers, brokers and retailers want to work with us because we provide much needed products and keep their customers happy. Their happy customers are our happy customers!

Our services are all around branding of products and companies, particularly consumer goods and they include full service beverage development, medical marijuana product creation, CPG product development, nutritional supplement development as well as production and packaging. It also includes all the go to market strategies like marketing, distribution, wholesaling, retailing trade shows, consumer marketing, and more.

For Information on our brands, consumer goods development, sales and distribution and investment please call our toll free number (888) 276 5688.