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Private and Public Equity Beverage Investment Webinar

This Beverage Investment Webinar is for Institutional Investors that want to increase their beverage investment IQ

Beyond the Numbers! Learn how to analyze beverage public and private companies and interact with beverage executives for investment or mergers and acquisitions

Webinar Date & Time

Thursday December 18th 2:00 PM PST – Sign on bellow

This webinar is for institutional and private and public equity investors that want to learn how to evaluate existing and new beverage companies and brands, new beverages and how to ask the tough questions to entrepreneurs and executives.

What will be covered in the beverage investment webinar?

  • Top beverage questions from the largest fund managers.
  • Barriers of entry and threats to existing companies.
  • Beyond the financials, how to dig into the numbers you don’t see.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions in the Beverage Industry.
  • How to evaluate the stage of a new beverage company (development, sales, distribution).
  • Top 5 questions to ask small beverage company entrepreneurs.
  • Top 3 beverage business models.
  • The Natural Channel, the new beverage business target.
  • Cost of acquisition of a store and maintenance cost per month
  • Measuring break even per store and per territory
  • The top financial questions and answers you should ask?

Leading the webinar will be Jorge Olson, author of the book ”Build Your Beverage Empire” and considered the leading national beverage expert. Jorge has been in more than 20 calls Beverage Analysis calls with the largest institutional investors in the world and is consulted by private and public equity investors on the beverage industry and consumer packaged goods. He’s appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC affiliates and WSJ, NYT, USA Today, Success, Entrepreneur, Forbes, Adweek and more.

Who should attend the Beverage Investment Event?

  • Public Equity Investors
  • Beverage Analysts
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Angel Investors
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Professionals
  • Hedge & Mutual Fund Managers
  • Private Office
  • Investment Bankers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • All institutional investors

The Webinar will be on Wednesday December 18th at 2 PM EST –

Private Equity Beverage Investment

99% of beverage companies that I see fail. Most fail before they even get off the ground and many of them fail after getting their seed capital and first round of funding. Learn how to spot the great ideas and the right management team, what questions to ask, and how to make a decision in the first meeting.

Are you a hedge fund or mutual fund? Maybe you’re a private equity manager, an investment banker or an angel investor. Depending on where you are in the investment scale your needs are very different and your goals could be different as well.

Mergers & Acquisitions Directors

Are you an M&A director of a large beverage company or a Hedge Fund looking for assets for your investments? Look no further! We’ll cover the information you need to quickly evaluate potential beverage companies and their business models as well as the entrepreneurs experience and ability to execute.

The cost of this event is $450 per person

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