Coca Cola Life, Green Beverage Development

Beverage Development is starting to go greener

Coca Cola recently launched a Green Product targeting the health conscious consumers. This obviously has to tell us something to all of us who work in the beverage development industry.

Coca Cola Life is the newest member of the Coca Cola Family. Coca Life is said to be an all natural, low-calorie soda packed in a fully-recycable bottle. Instead of artificial sweeteners, Coca Life uses a mixture of sugar and stevia-based substitute. Stevia is a plant with its steviol glycoside extracts, having up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar. This product is going to be available to the Argentinian market in the near future.Green beverage Development

Coca Cola is living up to the current times, and looking for the brand endurance. Coca-Cola Life seeks to respond for a fast growing market: the organic and green market. And this is not a minor change, even in advertising the characteristic red-Coke (a registered patent) has given way to green, earthy colors, and the urban environments, are replaced by green, earthy colors and images outdoors for this news product marketing campaign.

This Coca-Cola movement in their Beverage Development strategy, implies that the pressure from eco-activism is proving fruitful and the growing market from the health conscious and green generation, is something that needs to be considered in the newer beverage development projects.

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