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Sales and distribution full brand management

For ultimate lead generation and brand management

Full Brand Management

Pricing = $10,000 per month

Description = Supercharge your sales and distribution by contacting thousands of prospects per month. This package also includes sales management and account management and full service project management.

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brand management Benefits:

  1. Full Brand Management = $10,000 per month
  2. You only need 1 person in your team
  3. You get 5,000 calls per month (value of $6,000 per month)
  4. You get presentation to 100 retail brokers per month (value of $1,000)
  5. National Press Release every quarter (value of $6,000)
  6. Strategy session (valued at $1,200)
  7. Sales and marketing preparation program session (valued at $1,200)
  8. 1 Call per week to go over leads, prospects and clients (value of $350)
  9. 1 Hour per week of consulting for strategy, sales or marketing (value of $350)

10. Complementary Founders Club Subscription (sold at $250/month)

11. Complementary Mastermind Subscription (sold at $600 / month)

12. Creation of 4 marketing documents per month

13. Sales management, hiring and training of your sales team

14. Leads are sent you at least once per week for sales collateral follow up

15. Access to our sales and distribution contracts

16. Access to our own customers using our vendor number if necessary

17. Document review of 20 pages including emails per month

18. Eduardo Enciso is your consultant and project manager

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