How many hugs does it take to cure cancer?

Eduardo with Me. He los his hair, I shaved mine.

Eduardo with Me. He los his hair, I shaved mine.

How many hours do we have to pray? How much money do we have to spend? How much love do we have to give?

 Please let me know, how many hugs does it takes to cure cancer.

What Do You Do When You Have Cancer in the Office?

I wish this was figurative, as in “we have a rotten apple” or “there’s an employee who’s not a team player”. This is not the case; we have somebody in the office that was just diagnosed with cancer.  Only this is not only a partner and employee, he’s my cousin.

I remember Eduardo since he was a baby, with his oversized head always leaning sideways as my aunt sat him on the sofa.  He remained sitting straight for a few seconds, and then his head would fall to the side and his body would soon follow.  I would stare at him as he leaned to the side and sat motionless for at least half an hour.

Eduardo has been working with me for ten years now.  We grew up together as brothers along with Miguel and Victor, our other two brothers, in Tijuana, Mexico.  I’ve lived with Eduardo in three separate occasions, when we were children, before we got married as roommates with my uncle Pepe, and a few years ago he moved in with me for a few months.

Cure Cancer

Miguel, Victor and Eduardo Enciso

Eduardo is the person you model yourself after, you learn from, you admire and for some reason you want to hug.  His personality is so loving and mellow you want to be around him. Everyone should have an Eduardo in their lives to learn the secrets of “how to be liked”.  I’ve been surprised in the past, but I’m not anymore, when I hear everyone telling me what a nice guy he is.

He’s the constant that you look for in life. He’s a good father, good son, good cousin, uncle, partner, friend, neighbor and brother.  He’s our constant, and we want to keep it like that.

Many of you know Eduardo personally or over the phone or through his teleseminars or conferences.  He’s given multiple free conference calls and webinars and he’s helped countless in business and personal matters.   If you now him you already know what type of person he is. You know what I’m talking about!

 What type of cancer is it?

Eduardo has testicular cancer. Doctors already removed one testicle in May; however that’s not the problem. Doctors don’t know why his lymph nodes are so swollen.   So far he’s met with six doctors and none can decide on the exact treatment.  At the moment the most solid option seems to be surgery to remove some of the lymph nodes followed by nine weeks of chemotherapy.

The operation is a very difficult one and of high risk. The doctor in San Diego that performs it only does two per year. At the moment we’re trying to get him to New York with the most experienced doctor in the country.  He is insured through Kaiser in San Diego, but he’s also going to UCSD for private consultations.  If we can get him to New York his insurance would not cover it.  We also would like to get him to University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The cancer is in several places in his body but has not entered his blood stream. Luckily his cancer was detected early, “his testicle was itching”!  This is a lesson; if you have an itch… go see the doctor.  This is why the process was so quick, one week he had an itch, the following week he had surgery, today he’s in chemo.

 Please Help Us Help Eduardo

Eduardo has a big weakness, he doesn’t know how much people can help, and he doesn’t ask for help. Luckily he has a large extended family that looks out for him.  As you can imagine there are dozens of calls within the family: “How is he today? What is he eating? Is he working? What did the doctor say today? How are the kids? What will we do? How much is this costing?”

 How can you help Eduardo?

  • You can pray
  • You can send him a hug (we’re doing a hug campaign)
  • Send an email or letter or Facebook post
  • Call him
  • Keep him in your mind, send him good vibes!
  • Donate money to help pay for his medical bills
Eduardo and his kids, Eduardito and Sarah Lucia

Eduardo and his kids, Eduardito and Sarah Lucia

The money we raise will be for Eduardo’s medical expenses. He already has a few medical bills piling up from his surgery (which was performed in Mexico because he didn’t have medical insurance at the time), some expensive tests and doctor visits.  Anything you can help him with would be awesome.

In San Diego many terrific friends are helping with his “care calendar”, taking him to his chemotherapy sessions, providing his daily meals, spending the night with him after the toughest chemo sessions and helping with his kids.

If you have questions or would like to speak with me or Eduardo just call the office and I’ll help you out. Eduardo is out of commission for a few weeks as chemo is a real big drag. Maybe you know a doctor, maybe you are a doctor, or maybe you can provide some support and words of wisdom and encouragement.

We all have problems, we’re all busy, and sometimes we are overwhelmed by our life, our work, our family, but let’s put it all in perspective; we don’t have cancer.  Today my problems seem so small I can hardly see them at a far.

Thank You,

Jorge Olson


Contact Information:

-Phone: (888) 276-5688

Our first goal for this round is to raise $20,000 for a treatment at UCSD and a trip to the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  We”hope” this will cover the first round of tests.

For Donations directly to Eduardo use his PayPal here:

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