How To Create your Personal Branding and Self Promotion Plan

  • Presenter: Jorge Olson
  • Webinar: How To Create your Personal Branding and Self Promotion Plan
  • Webinar Date: Thursday, June 6

How To Create your Personal Branding and Self Promotion Plan

Personal Branding is a buzz word at the moment, but it is not a new concept and it is not going away.  It is an extension of Self-Promotion just like branding is an extension of marketing.  You need personal branding and self promotion in your personal life, in business, with your organizations and with your family.

The new brand of self-promotion and personal branding we’ll explore will be “unselfish self-promotion”, a brand of personal marketing not just for business, but for life.  Unselfish self promotion will change the way you see promotion, even if you are against every type of self promotion.

What you will learn:

  • What is the difference between personal branding and self-promotion?
  • What exactly is unselfish self promotion?
  • Introduction to Caveman Promotion
  • The basics of Personal Branding
  • Start your Personal Branding Plan
  • How to use your new powers in busines
  • Use them in life and family
  • How to influence
  • Start your internet marketing self-promotion machine
  • To influence you need an audience – the basics of personal internet marketing
  • Develop a relationship with your audience, or leads, or customers
  • How to get 100,000 people following you
  • Be a pillar of … everything…
  • Big influence, how to get media coverage
  • With great power, comes great responsibility (Voltaire, and later, Spiderman!)

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