How can social media help your Beverage Marketing Strategy?

Social Media can become one of the core components for your Beverage Marketing Strategy

Imagine seeing your beverage brand going viral across every social network, being shared by millions who are commenting the benefits of your product. Results in the fast-moving Social Media environment can be hard to achieve, but there can be great benefits derived from social media for beverage companies.

Social Media in your Beverage Marketing StrategyIn order for there to be success on social media for your beverage marketing strategy, there must be three focal points: visually-appealing content across multiple networks, engagement with an active audience and strategically executed campaigns producing user-generated content.

With the help that Premier Brands Inc. Can offer,  it will not be long before you see great results from social media for your beverage company. There are multiple social networks that are proven to benefit beverage companies from a sales point of view, and Premier Brands always works with metrics in mind to grow your business faster and to greater heights than you ever imagined possible. Remember, if you can’t measure it, then is not marketing.Social Media in your Beverage Marketing Strategy

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube

Facebook can be a tremendous asset for beverage marketing strategy, the key to success is being able to monitor activity and generate a strategy that effectively engages audiences on Facebook and delivers the message with the key benefits of your product.

Twitter is the fastest growing social network of today. Twitter can help you by providing a fast paced communications and growing customer loyalty by becoming a customer service channel

The growing popularity of Pinterest has resulted in the visual sharing of food experiences becoming a worldwide trend. By engaging audiences on Pinterest, you can see your network grow quickly and soon start seeing audiences engage with your brand on Pinterest on their own accord.

YouTube can be a great way of driving traffic, both from an SEO point of view, and also visually  engaging your consumers (and your soon to be consumers). Seeing short videos that appeal to audiences – either created by you or your patrons – will once again generate interest and traffic for your business.


Social Media in your beverage Marketing StrategySharing the daily goings-on of your product by blogging, and educating people about your beverage. Blogging and social sharing will let people feel like they are an involved in the whole process; which, actually, they are. This, like your other social network activities, will keep your beverage brand on people’s minds and translate into better product awareness and most importantly sales.

User-Generated Content

The main focus should be to create a viral effect among your audiences. By launching campaigns that engage your followers, you will see user-generated content becoming the key factor of your Social Media beverage marketing strategy. This, once again, will result in your brand awareness increasing and your customer base growing significantly.


People need to see your product on social networks. It is not enough to simply describe your product; appealing images and viral marketing on social media are essential to the growth of a brand in the  beverage industry.


People love sharing their experiences, particularly when it comes to beverages they like. While this may be the desired result of a social media strategy, few beverage companies have a proper strategy in place to generate high levels of engagement. Premier Brands Inc, has the human resources and software solutions to generate high levels of engagement and maintain engagement over the course of a beverage social media marketing strategy.

For more information on how Premier Brands Inc. can help your beverage company with social media strategy, please contact us today.

Premier Brands Inc, can help you with your social media for a beverage marketing integral strategy

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