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 Premier Brands, Inc. is a publicly traded company listed on the OTC Bulletin Board under the symbols “BRND”. 

Premier Brands is a consumer goods incubator in the business of creating, acquiring and marketing consumer packaged goods, primarily medical marijuana, beverages and nutritional supplements, and selling them into dispensaries, supermarkets, pharmacies and convenience stores. The company’s vision is to support social entrepreneurship with new product development, consulting and mentoring.

“Our Goal is Build Portfolio of Consumer Products”

What is our Value Proposition?

Our value proposition is to create not just one, but a Portfolio of Consumer Products backed with our expertise in product development and branding.  To achieve this, Premier plans to create brands and also partner with other best-in-class products, either with revenue share or through a mergers and acquisitions model.

The company’s management team has been working together for ten years in sales, distribution, product development and branding in the USA and in Mexico in different projects and companies.  That expertise and knowledge is now concentrated in Premier Brands (BRND).  Their work has been featured in major industry publications as well as with the main stream media.

Besides this we also specialize in product development of consumer packaged goods including medical marijuana, nutraceuticals and beverages.  Our flag ship service is our VIP product development package that is an all-inclusive program to create a product from scratch including research, mentoring, brand development, packaging, formulation and co-packing, all with a dedicated project manager to help the client with tasks and deliverables.

Value to our Customers

Our customers tell us they decided to give us their business because of our knowledge and experience; they are then surprised with our level of involvement and service.

Our customers are consumers or owners of beverage and nutritional supplement brands or entrepreneurs or companies wanting to create a new product.   Our clients also include accounts selling products that we represent, usually retail stores and on-premise accounts.

Imagine investing in the next best consumer packaged goods that will hit the market. Now imagine finding several of these brands and investing in all of them. How can you find them? How do you know if they will be a hit? Well, that’s what we do! We look at more than 5 companies every single day. Some of them are already selling in the market; some of them are ideas from entrepreneurs or come from our own development team.



Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions form the last 30 days:

How long have you been working on medical marijuana products?

We’ve been researching and working on nutraceuticals for two years and with cannabis specific products since 2014.

Do your products or projects contain THC?

Our products are made with Cannabidol or CBD only. We don’t use THC in our products; this ingredient is the element that “gets you high”.  This is what makes our products available both for medical marijuana dispensaries and for over the counter sales in pharmacies and convenience stores.

When will cannabis products be available for sale?

The first products will be launched in the summer of 2014.

Will Premier exhibit at trade shows?

Yes, subscribe to our newsletters to learn the retail, wholesale and medical marijuana trade shows the company will attend or where products will be featured.

Can Premier develop medical marijuana products for other companies?

Yes, contact us to develop your products, beverages, vitamins, creams, oils or other products.

Can you give me specific information on other brands or sales of a specific product?

All information is given using press releases and corporate filings so that all investors can have access to the same information at the same time.  You can read past press releases to see the different brands we represent for product development, promotion, sales and consulting.

Is Premier Brands a Sales or Services Company?

It is both a sales and a services company. The goal of Premier is to have a portfolio of consumer brands and partner with best-in-class companies and entrepreneurs to bring new brands into the portfolio.

Premier Brands Inc., (BRND) Investor Relations Corporate Policy:

Premier’s corporate IR communication policy is to announce all news, contracts, and client information through press releases and corporate filings only.

For more information, please contact:

Investor Relations

Premier Brands, Inc.

IR Phone: 1 (888) 226 8239

Fax: 307 222 1711

Mailing Address: 4364 Bonita Road, No. 424, Bonita, California 91902

Corporate Address: 10088-1 Juan Cordero Zona Río, Tijuana, Mexico 22010

We are subject to the reporting requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the “Exchange Act”). Reports filed with the SEC pursuant to the Exchange Act, including proxy statements, annual and quarterly reports, and other reports filed by the Company, can be inspected and copied at the public reference facilities maintained by the SEC at 450 Fifth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20549. You may obtain information on the operation of the public reference room by calling the SEC at 1-800-SEC-0330. You can request copies of these documents upon payment of a duplicating fee by writing to the SEC. Company’s filings are also available on the SEC’s Internet site (