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Here is a gift from me to you on this Friday night! To get a more clear idea of what it is that we do around here, I give you a quick, step by step guide of the process you’ll encounter when you sign with Premier Brands, Inc. Here it goes.

Stage 1: Coming up with a good idea.

We have covered this, moving on.

Stage 2: Put it to a Test.

Audition your idea with friends, relatives, experts (Hey, that’s us!)

Stage 3: Developing a whole concept.

Discovering the range of your brand, figuring out how far and where do you want it to go.

Stage 4: Testing it out.

This would be at focus groups or investigations, applied to target consumers.

Stage 5: Marketing Strategy.

Target market and their behavior, distribution strategy, pricing, profit goals, etc. Basically, the hard part that we are happy to do for you.

Stage 6: Business Plan.

All the information above is put together with the financial aspect, and we figure out what to product needs to do to be profitable.

Stage 7: Product Development.

Now, we can finally manufacture it!

Stage 8: Samples.

By this time we know what kind of stores are going to like us, so we start sending them the product.

Stage 9: Start making money!

Selling the product to the proper stores.

It’s a lot of work, but you’ll thank me later when you see your product on the shelves of your favorite store.

Do it already!

Call us at 1 888 276 5688.




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