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Image is a key part of human interaction. The way that we present ourselves plays a very important part to what people think about us. Like it or not, we all judge a book by it’s cover on the first impression.

You wouldn’t go to a job interview wearing flip flops and shorts right? Unless you are applying to be your local YMCA’s lifeguard.

The same criteria can be applied to the package of your new product. It should have specific characteristics that are alluring to what you are selling. Here, a few pointers that can help you determine if you are in the right direction:

  • It should be visually attractive.
  • Logo that stands out and reflects exactly what the product is about.
  • Different from its top competitors.
  • The color scheme should evoke the need for that product (Insert research here).
  • One basic color that identifies this product.
  • Simple and practical design. Easy to use, open, store.

Even though all of this can be somewhat subjective, there is definitely a right way to do this. Ask your friends, do a focus group, but most importantly, ASK US!

We are very interested on what you have to say, an like I’ve said before, our team of expertise will give you their honest feedback!

Being able to communicate exactly what you want to say and sell, is one of the most important marketing tools for an up and coming product.


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