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Product Development of Hemp and Medical Marijuana and Consumer Goods Including Beverages and Nutraceuticals

We specialize in product development of hemp and medical marijuana and consumer goods that sell into convenience stores, supermarkets, direct sales, direct response, dispensaries and any retail and wholesale channel.  Projects include beverage development, nutritional supplements, food, novelties and more.

Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consumer Goods Services are end-to-end with product development, packaging, production, marketing, planning, distribution, retailing, merchandising and consumer marketing.

You can use our hemp and medical marijuana consumer goods managers as your complete product development management team that covers product design, research, package, pricing structure, costing, and manufacturing, marketing planning and even sales and distribution.

We know Hemp and Medical Marijuana consumer goods and we know product development!

Our specialty is the product development  of medical marijuana and hemp consumer goods including vitamins, creams, oils, nutraceuticals, beverages, food and much more.. We don’t work on cars, we don’ design refrigerators, we don’t design furniture and we don’t develop computers. Our product development service is all inclusive from start to finish including formulation, production, artwork, concept, testing, branding, and even sales and consumer marketing. We have developed more than 1,000 consumer goods that have sold into every single major retailer in the USA and in Mexico. Our service does not stop at the end of the product development process. It continues with retail placement into major distributors, wholesalers, supermarkets and other retailers. We have even developed consumer products for companies like Target, Rite-Aid, Walgreens, and many more. You can work with us on traditional retail channels like convenience stores and supermarkets or new channels such as MLM, direct response or direct sales. Our product development projects:

  • Medical Marijuana & Hemp including supplements, oil, drinks, candy, and beauty products
  • Beverage Development including energy drinks, energy shots, water, vitamin water, tea, etc.
  • Food Product Development with candy, frozen food, cheese, cans and many dry goods.
  • Small electronics like radios, toys, watches and others.
  • Impulse buys items of every kind for every retail vertical including private label for Target, Walgreens and other large retailers and distributors.
  • Vitamins & Nutraceuticals including powder vitamins, weight loss, energy pills, male enhancement, etc.
  • Tools with a complete line of 400 different products that have sold year after year
  • Novelties that vary from toys to electronics, gadgets to small gifts and more than 200 different configurations
  • As seen on TV product development including car products, housewares, cooking, and much more
  • Auto accessories developing a complete line of 50 products selling in supermarkets, auto part stores and convenience stores all across the country
Product Development is more than a pretty face

Your consumer goods product development process is more than just a product design and a nice looking label or package; your product development has to sell. Your focus is to develop a bestselling product not just a best looking product. This is why we always look at the big picture. We look at who will buy your product, where will they buy it, how will it fit on the shelve, how will you sell it to your distributors and how will they sell it to the retailer. Call us today for a free consultation on our product development process and find out why we are the premier product development services firm in the country. Consumer Goods Product Development Toll Free Number: (888) 276 5688

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