Jamaica’s Finest Cocktail & Mixes – Rum Punch

Introducing “Jamaica’s Finest Cocktail & Mixes – Rum Punch” An authentic Jamaican Rum Punch cocktail that is one of the wonderful cocktails that have been made in Jamaica for decades and this recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. In order to continue this heritage and share this wonderful cocktail with the world, this heritage has now been bottled for distribution. It’s a delicious blend of Rum & Real Fruit Juice that customers can enjoy directly from the bottle. Our target market are women between the ages of 21 to 40 but everybody loves it.

Here is a list of our prices:

  • $14.99 is your everyday price (consumers).
  • $10.49 retail store.
  • $ 8.39 to distributor.
  • 12 bottles per case, 50 cases per pallet, 26 pallets per truck.

For the 750ml bottle case the weight & size is: 13.25 (L) x 9.8125 (

Village Tea

The Village Tea Company brand is a young brand, less than 3 years old, but prides itself on providing exceptionally tasting teas packaged with the environment and consumers in mind. Our packaging is completely environmentally friendly but it’s what’s inside the package that consumers truly love….the tea of course! When we founded Village Tea Company Distribution Inc., after having spent several years running and managing multi-million dollar brands, we never expected that in the 3 years

that the brand had been in existence we would see the amount of growth that we have to date. We are thankful to have had this much success and we look forward to continuously growing the brand and bringing the joy of tea to everyone. I leave our order and sales sheets in attachments for our product Village Tea.

Make ME Vitamin Drinks

We also have for our year end winter promotion a buy one get one for no cost Make ME Vitamins Multivitamin Supplement C Master Cases. I will leave you the information as well. We are having great sales with this impulse buy item product that is why we have our year end winter promotion.

$160 us per master case = 8 pack, each pack contains 50 units of 1,000 Mg Vitamin C per pop box @ 50 c per unit. And for every purchase of a Master Case you purchase you will receive a Master Case at no cost meaning that your profit will be of $160 us per Master Case totally and for every unit we sell for 50 c, you are currently selling it in Walgreens for 99 c. We also include shipping if you want to split the master cases between stores with no cost as well. For more information contact me directly to the number shown on this e-mail. Start making profit with you first unit you sell!! The minimum of Master Cases is of Five Units, our product has a 30 day guaranteed.

REUP Energy

We are proud to introduce a new energy drink called REUP, which pays tribute to our military by donating proceeds from every can to the Semper Fi & America’s Fund to help wounded warriors.
This is the FIRST and ONLY consumable product to use the official Eagle, Globe, and Anchor symbol from the US Marine Corps because of the brands strong commitment to excellence and tradition. The product itself has also received numerous praises because of its health conscious ingredients, which help soldiers stay alert in the field. Given that 50% of cold beverages sold near Armed Forces facilities are energy drinks and the industry growth is set to exceed $15 Billion by 2015, we believe this would be a very popular and lucrative product for you to carry.

Please view the following images, and prices for REUP and let me know when you would like to have this available for you to sell:

-$8.00 is your everyday price (consumers).

-$6.00 to Distributor.

NE Where Electronic Cigarrettes

Also we are having a big success with distribution of Electronic E Cigarettes, display box with 24 units and four flavors divided in 6 units each of Grape Gusher, Wild Watermelon, Refreshing Menthol, Classic Tobacco. Also we have a NEwhere is introducing all new Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens this month, more tobacco smokers are finding these innovative devices to aid them in their path to total freedom.

Comes with a beautiful display look thru clear box with 24 units of a row of 4 Electronic E cigarettes of Flavors Grape Gusher, Wild Watermelon, Refreshing Menthol, Classic Tobacco, And 4 back up cartridges of 12 units each of a flavor you choose. Shipping is included and pay up front for this product.

Electronic E Cigarettes.

Total of 24 units x $6.00 = $144.00.
Total of 48 units of 4 back up boxes x $6.00 = $288.00.

Total = $432.00 per Display Box.

Zero Nicotine Hookah Pens.

Total of 24 units x $7.00 = $168.00
Total of 48 units of 4 back up boxes x $6.00 = $336.00

Total = $504.00 per Display Box.