Get Beverage Publicity

Beverage Introduction Campaign

Have a new product? Does everyone know about it?  Make sure everyone in the industry knows about your new product and is ready to ask for samples and follow up.

  • Beverage Introduction Packages introduce your product to:
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Beverage Reporters
  • National Reporters and Media Outlets
  • Beverage and Entertainment Bloggers
  • Beverage Brokers
  • Beverage Retail Buyers

 Silver Package: $2,500 one-time fee

 Introduce your product to bloggers, to the beverage industry, to reporters, and potential distributors all for only a one-time fee of $2,500.

 Included in this incredible marketing deal:

  • Personal email to 100 reporters covering the beverage industry
  • Send a press release to all major publications including Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, LA Times, New York Times, etc.
  • We’ll send an additional press release on our own dime
  • Fax your product information to 100 distributors in our exclusive beverage fax newsletter

Beverage Publicity