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Consumer Goods Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution of your medical marijuana and consumer goods starts with a phone call to us!

Your Medical Marijuana and Consumer Goods selling in major supermarkets, convenience stores, dispensaries and pharmacy using wholesalers and distributors all over the country. We specialize in medical marijuana and consumer goods marketing, sales and distribution as well as consumer engagements in and out of the store to give you feedback from the entire distribution channel. Starting with the consumer and moving back to the retailer, distributor, wholesaler, brokers and to your consumer goods.

We can reach every single distributor in the country in one week!Sales
Even better, we can reach every single retailer in the country in one month.

Having a great medical marijuana or other consumer goods product is just the beginning, getting your consumer good in the trucks and on the shelve is another.  This is why your job is to create bestselling products, our job is placing them in trucks and on shelves and making sure wholesalers, brokers, distributors and retailers know about your product.


What types of consumer goods:

  • Medical Marijuana
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Beverages
  • Energy Shots
  • Vitamins
  • Small Electronics
  • Novelties
  • As seen on TV
  • Snacks

In short we can help you with your consumer goods sales and distribution of any product that you see in a convenience store, supermarket or pharmacy.

The power of sales and marketing in medical marijuana and consumer goods

We have the largest consumer goods network of retail buyers, brokers, wholesalers and distributors in the entire country; but we don’t stop there. We also have a team of brand managers calling more than 10,000 decision makers every single month to sell products and retail programs.

More than just calling people on the phone, we also have a marketing program that connects them into our social network and intranet to present them with products, programs, sales collateral and news about our new and existing products.  You will benefit from this sales machine!

To learn more about our Consumer Goods Marketing,  Sales and Distribution Call our Toll Free Number: (888) 276 5688