The Best Incentive for Product Development is Need

 Product Development first step is to have an idea for a product that fills a void.

The Trojan Room coffee pot is a clear example that the first step for Product Development is to have a need.

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If you are interested in Product Development, or probably looking to develop a new product, or think you have the next great idea, it is very important to understand that the first step to develop a great product is to have an idea for a product that fills a void or helps satisfy a need.

The history of Product Development is full of great clever examples and funny anecdotes whose main moral is: the first step for Product Development is to have an idea that fulfills a need.

The Trojan Room coffee pot

We have for example The Trojan Room coffee pot, that was the main inspiration for the world’s first webcam. The coffee pot was located in the hallway outside of the so-called Trojan Room within the old Computer Laboratory of Cambridge University. The webcam was set up to help people working in other parts of the building avoid pointless trips to the coffee room by providing, to the user’s computer, a live 128 × 128 grayscale image of the state of the coffeemaker.

As we can see in this anecdote, the need of watching the coffee pot and avoid walking to the coffee room helped scientists in Cambridge University develop the inspiration of one the devices that most likely you have, if you are reading this.

Looking for an idea?

Well, if you are looking to invest on a new product, but just need the great idea to launch it. Start looking for what you need to help your life be more simple.

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Necessity, the mother of Product Development



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