The Top 10 mistakes my clients make in sales and distribution

FREE Webinar this thursday 2:00PM PST (Los Angeles) “The top 10 mistakes my clients make in Sales and Distribution

    • Presenter: Eduardo Enciso
    • Webinar: The Top 10 mistakes my clients make in sales and distribution
    • Webinar Date: Thursday, June 20 2:00 PM PST (Los Angeles)

Join Eduaro Enciso, beverage sales guru and advisor to beverage CEO’s an Entrepreneurs on sales and distribution strategy, and learn form him and from mistakes made by working with beverages and consumer goods over the last 10 years.
Eduardo has sold to convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, and traveled all over the USA and Mexico visiting distributors, wholesalers, buyers and individual stores. He has worked with Pepsi, Rockstar, Miller Beer, and many starting entrepreneurs.
“This webinar is aimed at saving you time and money” said Eduardo, “I see the same mistakes made over and over again. Mistakes at trade shows, mistakes with distributors, with publicity, even with pricing and channel development” he concluded.


During this Webinar we will talk about the 10 biggest Mistakes we have seen our customer make!:

  • Miss using funds
  • Not Choosing the right strategy for your product Launch
  • Not Identifying the target market that fits your Project.
  • Not considering the advice of the Consultants you are paying.
  • Launching 3 or more different products at the same time for your initial Product Launch.
  • Doing Large Production Runs without having distribution first.
  • Not having the right sales collateral in place before you start your campaign
  • Not knowing the margins correctly to put any type of negotiation or distributor in the process
  • Having the incorrect geographical strategy for distribution and warehousing.
  • -Not planing on growth for your sales model.

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