Hello Premier Brands Readers!

I hope you had a very Happy Holiday Season with your loved ones!

It’s a brand new year and here at the office we are ready and eager to get back to the flow of work and bring you many more tips for your product development ideas!

Over the break, I stumbled upon an article that talks about new products and concepts that entrepreneurs and toying with. These have very particular characteristics that truly follow the business trends for 2013.

So, without further ado, here is the list that you should have in your fridge all year round!

– Social media: Duh, right? The obviousness of this statement does not make it less important. Social media does not only cover the internet, but also how can you bring these outlets into your store or product itself.

– Personableness: With big words, come big responsibility. Becoming more and more available to your potential and current client. These means having more personnel but in the long run your following will be loyal if they feel like they are taken care of.

– Technology: Ways to make the consumer’s life easier. Apps, niche websites, novelty items.

– Lifestyle: Brand building that creates a whole atmosphere, different lifestyle. Health, freshness. This has been going on for a while but the consumer keeps asking for it.

-Green, GREEN,GREEN: Going green not only when it comes to the environment, but the color itself. According to pantone.com, the color of 2013 is Emerald.


There you have it! Do your ideas have any of these characteristics? Do you think they work? Do you have anymore?

If so, call me ASAP so I can change this post! Mynuymber is 1 888 276 5688

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