VIP Lead Generation Plus

Get more distributors and retailers for your products.

Do you need more sales, more distributors, and more retailers?

Is your sales team performing as well as you wanted?

Are you contacting thousands of decision makers per month?

This Package is designed to give you leads, and to give you knowledge to close these leads, get the right distributor, the right distribution channel and the right retailer and consumer for your products.

Reach 2,500 Decision Makers Every Single Month

If you need more leads and more wholesalers, distributors and retailers for your products this is the package for you.  Get results from week 1 without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in employees, infrastructure, software and trade shows.

Some of our clients include Beverages, Vitamins, Hedge Funds, Public Companies, Fortune 500 brands, and Start-Ups.

You will get a dedicated project manager working with you and our salespeople

How does it work?

  • Create script
  • Enter your information into our system and access the best prospects for your campaign
  • Call your target market, this can be wholesalers, distributors, retailers or even consumers.
  • Use state of the art custom CRM systems custom made for sales to distributors and retailers
  • Tell the story! We tell your story, the story of your company and your product
  • Make sure that prospect is qualified as a lead
  • Gage interest from prospects and answer questions
  • Document the call results
  • Forward leads to you

 Service Value:

The value of your package is $13,566.66 per month just with deliverables.  But now, if you wanted to actually do it yourself and invest in your own management, employees, infrastructure and software you would spend more than $72,200 per month.  This is why this program is the best deal you will ever get.

Our Value calculation does not take into consideration your alternative to working with us. This can be double or triple the expense. You see, if you wanted to perform the same service, the same calls, and capture the same knowledge you would need to spend more than $250,000 per year in infrastructure, employees, software, training, management, database cleanup, and not to mention VP’s of sales and marketing.

Let’s look at the options you have if you wanted to get the same results on your own so you can get the whole picture.

Activity, Knowledge, People

Monthly Cost

Working With Us

VP Sales



VP Marketing



Brand Manager



4 Salespeople



Project Manager



Custom CRM for Consumer Goods



Rent expense



Database Management



Payroll Tax and Employer’s Burden



Trade Shows to get leads



Training employees



Your Investment



 See some of the results other companies got:

One of our clients, a bottled water company, was spending $1.3 million dollars per year in their operation and speaking with only 40 prospects per week getting only 1 qualified lead per week.  When we contacted 2,500 prospects the first week month and got them 40 qualified leads the first week they could not believe it.

Another client, NAME OF CLIENT selling xxxxxxxxxx to convenience stores, got 5 new leads per day that they actually delivered product on a daily basis.

For Zizzazz, an energy powder we opened 2,000 accounts in the first 2 months in their preferred territory. We had to stop because they could not keep up with distribution and support.

Make Me Vitamin C got into Walgreens, more than one hundred 7-Eleven stores and dozens of distributors with our program.

Even if you did without the entire expert knowledge and expertise and you hired a couple of salespeople with a sales manager and let them loose to see what happens you would spend around $12,000 per month.  This would probably yield you very bad results and does not even include price of going to trade shows and looking for good qualified prospects.

We’ve been doing this for more than 10 Years, we go to most convenience stores, gas station, distribution, beverage, packaging, retailing and foodservice shows not just in the USA but also in Mexico.  Just in trade shows we can spend around $130,000 in 2012 and we did not even have a booth at every show, a lot of the expense is just traveling to the show to meet with distributors and retailers.

As you can see working with us pays for itself just in the knowledge alone, the leads and new business you will get is the cherry on top.  The money you save in infrastructure, payroll and marketing expenses can easily mount to $200,000 per year if you wanted to yield the same type of results.

 Service Specifications:

 Pricing = $5,000 per month

This is a VIP Full Service Package for consumer goods Company that want lead generation with some brand management and mentoring.  Lead generation includes distributors, wholesalers or retailers including independent and chained accounts.

This package includes access to our staff for help and mentoring on pricing structures, branding, distribution questions, artwork development, trade shows, and more.

You will get a weekly report with leads interested in your products. You will then follow up with your sales team to send specifications and sales sheets, samples and perform additional follow up to close the sale.

It is best for companies with their own internal sales team that don’t want to waste time cold calling accounts.  We’ll do the hard work; you close the sale and take the glory!

 Package Deliverables

  •  You get 2,500 calls per month (value of $3,000 per month)
  •  You get presentation to 100 retail brokers per month (value of $1,000)
  •  VP and Senior Brand Manager supervision (value of $1,500)
  •  Email blast to 20,000 decision makers / year (value of $5,000)
  •  National Press Release (value of $1,500)
  •  Phone strategy session (valued at $1,200)
  •  Sales and marketing preparation program phone session (valued at $1,200)
  •  4 Hour communication per week with Project Manager (value of $1,400)
  •  1 Hour communication per week with VP of Sales Eduardo Enciso (value of $350)
  •  Leads are sent to you at least once per week for quick follow up from your sales team
  •  2 marketing documents including sales and marketing materials such as sell sheets or point of sell materials. This includes 1 hour per week communication with our branding manager (value of $2,000)