The biggest Holiday of the year is only a few weeks away. Here at Premier Brands Inc, our sales team is getting ready for our busiest time. Thankfully, we have more and more clients each day, and more product to sell. But that means more work.

We strive everyday to come up with new ways to get your products in the market, and now is the perfect time to sell to convenience stores, supermarkets and specialty stores.

Here are a few tips on effective ways to market your product before Santa beats you to it:

– Stick with what you know: Doing sales on your veteran products, will give you the¬†opportunity¬†to introduce new ones. Do a “2 X 1″ special, selling the old, sampling the new.

– Categorize: Divide your products according to the target markets that you have established. Make packages that sell them as a whole, in a “Gifts under $20″ type of offer.

– Follow up: Keep up with your current, new buyers and make a sale especially for them. If they like your product, they most likely will shop for it during this time.

– Reconstruction: Many stores are whipped out of their top sellers this time of year. Offering what you have for a “reconstruction price” will give retailers a chance to try something new.

– Free S & H: Establish a spending amount on your website for which your client get their items sent free. This is a personal advice being that I myself always fall for this. I rather spend more on items that I like, than giving that money away to the USPS.

Have any other tips that YOU use during this time of the year? Let me know!

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